Adventure Park Pakka is the perfect place for personnel days, company outings, and work ability promotion. Pakka is the best option for schools, educational institutions, youth groups, and sports clubs organizing a field trip or camp school. All groups are welcome during the opening hours of the park to enjoy the largest and most versatile adventure park in the Nordic countries. At other times we can arrange various activities for groups on order. Request a quote.

Our range of activities includes: High ropes courses, Mega Zipline, Free Fall, Wall Climbing, and Bungee Trampoline. The park also has plenty to do for those who prefer to do their adventuring on solid ground. Disc golf, archery contests, and team competitions. Choose the best activities for Your group and we can build an unforgettable day of experiences for you.

We can also provide sauna, conference, and lecture facilities, as well as catering. Contact us via the below form!

Our themed packages for groups include the Adventure in the Dark and the Pakka Christmas Party – both memorable experiences!

Our newest activities Archery Tag and Bubble Football are also great options to include in your experience package!


Provided below is an example of the day your group could enjoy at Adventure Park Pakka. Approximate duration 6 hours.


Seaside adventures and team-building!

Welcome coffee service at Pakka.

Service based on your wishes!

Division into groups

The high ropes courses are a perennial favorite of groups as well! If your group includes participants who prefer not to climb, a second group can enjoy a round on our beautiful Disc Golf course. The game is easy to pick up and fun for all!


The group taking on the high ropes courses put on the harnesses and safety equipment. The disc golfers are provided the appropriate gear and a brief introduction for the course.

The disc golfers begin their round

Introduction and safety instructions for the high ropes course group

Practice climb on the practice courses

The high ropes course adventure begins

Lunch at a nearby restaurant or enjoying packed lunches at the grill shelter according to your wishes

(The groups gather at Pakka)

Mega Zipline/Archery contest

The bravest members of the group can experience the zipline. The others can enjoy a friendly archery contest at the same time.

Leaving coffee service according to your wishes


The program will be customized for each group based on their wishes, scheduling, budget, and number of participants. We also provide indoor activities for groups. At the indoor arena, you can go to battle in Archery Tag or play a game of Bubble Football.


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