PAKKA - bungee trampoliini


The Bungee Trampoline allows you get some serious air. Our professional staff is trained to ensure your safety from the time you put on the harness until you take it off. The only thing left for you is to see how high you dare to jump. Choose either five or ten minutes of weightlessness and test your jumping skills. On the Bungee Trampoline you can jump up to eight meters high!


Duration: 5-10 minutes

Product availability: During the opening hours of the park.

Height and weight limits: Min. weight 15 kg, max. weight 85 kg.


7€/go/person/5 minutes.

10€/go/person/10 minutes.

Service available in Finnish and English

Other things to consider: Please familiarize yourselves with the rules of the park HERE.

Reservations and information: Adventure Park Pakka Tuomipakkaintie 19, 85100 Kalajoki, Finland.


Tel: +358405543548 – Sales

Tel: +358401437176 – Information