PAKKA - jousiammunta

An archery contest is a great group activity. You can take it as a laugh, completely seriously or the fun Pakka way: seriously with a laugh.

It’s high time to find out who’s the Robin Hood of your group! Naturally, there is a prize in it for the winner!

Archery can be a part of your Adventure Package.

Duration: Recommended time 90 minutes

Product availability:  For groups by reservation year around (weather permitting)


Ask an offer from our sales team.

Number of persons: Min 5 person/group. Max 25 person/group

Service available in Finnish and English

Other things to consider: Weather-friendly outdoor gear

Reservations and information: Adventure Park Pakka Tuomipakkaintie 19, 85100 Kalajoki, Finland.


Tel: +358405543548 – Sales

Tel: +358401437176 – Information