The X-Tower is the summer’s hottest thing in adventuring! It is the largest adventure tower in Europe and sure to satisfy even the more demanding thrill-seekers. Climb all the way to the height of 32 metres and challenge yourself to experience something completely unique and unforgettable in the mesmerising surroundings of the Kalajoki Sand Dunes!

The X-Tower’s walls are covered by three 21 metres long climbing routes. The middle platform is reserved for making the blood-curdling Leap of Faith or for experiencing weightlessness in Free Fall. The top of the X-Tower serves as the starting point of the 330 metres long Mega Zipline, the longest zipline in Finland.

Take a look at the wide variety of experiences the X-Tower has to offer and reach for the heights – if you dare!


The X-Tower is Europe’s largest adventure tower. On the side of the tower runs an incredible 21-metre-long climbing wall!

The X-Tower’s climbing wall poses a challenge to climbers of various skill levels; there are three different routes one can take. Once you reach the top you’ll be greeted by a breath-taking view over the Kalajoki Sand Dunes and the Baltic Sea.



From the top of the X-Tower, Europes’s tallest adventure tower, you can experience the thrill of Free Fall! The starting point is a whopping 23 metres above ground level.

There are two free fall devices, so you can experience the thrill of weightlessness together with a friend! Free Fall is not for the squeamish, but we encourage thrill-seekers to challenge themselves and seek out this unforgettable experience!



The Leap of Faith is just what the name suggests. First, you will climb to the middle platform of the X-Tower, Europe’s largest adventure tower. You are now standing 23 metres above ground level. Then you jump down, towards the unknown.

The Leap of Faith is a completely unique and unforgettable experience! You can also take the leap together with a friend. You will come out of the experience with a great story to tell and a memory that will last a lifetime! Do you dare to take the plunge?



The Mega Zipline is the longest zipline ride in Finland. And, fittingly, Finland’s longest zipline starts from the top of the X-Tower, Europes’s tallest adventure tower!

The starting point is a whopping 32 metres above ground level. The ride itself keeps going for an incredible 330 metres! If you dare open your eyes as you zoom through the air high above the trees, you’ll see the beautiful Kalajoki Sand Dunes and the blue shimmering of the sea.

There are two Mega Ziplines running in parallel, so you can also share the thrill with a friend! Visit, experience and enjoy!


You may print out the rules of X-TOWER here.