X-Tower is the ultimate experience of an adventure-filled summer! It is the largest adventure tower in Europe and is sure to astound everyone. Climb 32.5 meters above the ground and challenge yourself to experience something unique and unforgettable surrounded by the enchanting scenery of the Sand Dunes.


The X-Tower’s climbing wall has five different 20-meter climbing routes. On the top platform, you can experience the breathtaking Free Fall from a height of 20 meters. Awaiting you at the top of adventure tower is Mega Zipline, the longest zipline in Finland.


Explore the experiences offered by the adventure tower and climb toward the top – but only if you dare…


Adventurers must be at least 8 years old and 130 cm tall to experience the tower.



X-Tower is the tallest adventure tower in Europe. Creeping up its side is a thrilling 20-meter climbing wall!


The X-Tower climbing wall offers challenges to climbers of varying skill levels: you can conquer the wall via five different routes. As you reach the top, you can enjoy an unforgettable view over the Kalajoki Sand Dunes, reaching out to the sea.


Weight limit for the climbing wall: Minimum weight 10 kg, maximum weight 120 kg.



At the top of X-Tower, the tallest adventure tower in Europe, you can experience the exciting Free Fall. The jumping-off points are located at a height of 20 meters.


The platform includes two free fall devices, which means that you can take the plunge and experience weightlessness together with a friend. While we cannot recommend this to the faint of heart, we encourage all our adventurous guests to challenge themselves and take on this memorable experience!


Weight limits for Free Fall: Minimum weight 20 kg, maximum weight 120 kg.




Mega Zipline is the longest zipline in Finland. And that is no wonder as the zipline starts from the top of X-Tower, the tallest adventure tower in Europe!


The starting point is located a whopping 32.5 meters above the ground. And the length of the zipline itself is an amazing 330 meters! If you dare to open your eyes as you fly through the air at a furious speed, high above the treetops, you can see the amazing sand dunes of Kalajoki and the blue, shimmering sea.


Mega Zipline consists of two side-by-side ziplines, which means that you can also share this spectacular experience with a friend. Come to the park, experience the ride, and enjoy yourself!


Weight limits for the zipline: Minimum weight 35 kg, maximum weight 120 kg.




Opening hours of the X-Tower adventure tower.


Please familiarize yourself with Adventure Park Pakka’s rules before your adventure! Our rules can be found here.